Calming the Heart and Mind: Everyday Guide in Dealing with Stress


In an effort to make our lives and the lives of our loved ones comfortable, a lot of us juggle multiple responsibilities, work, home life, and relationships. Juggling multiple responsibilities is exhausting causing one to experience distress. If distress is nonstop, it will lead to serious health problems. Too much stress will lead to irritability and anger, thus affect our work and relationship with others.

Workshop Content:

  • assess the persons’ level of stress;
  • identify the sources and triggers of stress;
  • explain the harmful effects of stress;
  • discuss the stress coping mechanisms; and
  • demonstrate stress management strategies

Who Should attend: ALL walks of life.

Regular Rate(walk in) and Discounts:

Early Bird Registration Walk-in Registration Group (5 or more)
₱1,200  ₱1,380  ₱1,140 per person

Friendly Reminders:

  • Workshop is inclusive of handouts, Certificate of Appreciation, Lunch, Snacks, & Drinks.
  • Registration is Required.
  • Early Bird Rate is applicable for payments made 7 days before the workshop date.
  • Payment can be deposited to MindPro Psychological Services.