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The Five Senses by Dr. Michelle A. Cellona

The book on THE FIVE SENSES introduces the importance of taking care of the five major senses of the body. How each sense organ function is illustrated in a simple manner for the children to connect with their experiences.

Knowing their importance will enable children to realize how these senses help us in understanding the environment thus, becoming more aware of its implication if care is absent.

This book is one of the materials used to establish a connection with the children through the AMAZINGLY GIFTED PROGRAM. It is designed to effectively introduce to the children the fundamentals of science as an integral part of everyday life. It provides activities for children’s early learning abilities for them to be better prepared for their entry into academic education.

To make learning meaningful, the book is filled with pictures carefully illustrated for the children to relate their daily experiences with its illustrations. Colors used are soothing to the eyes so they will love to open the book during their free time. Words used are simple for easy understanding. All these are carefully crafted to attend to the needs of the children in their early stage.

Keeping My Body Clean and Healthy by Dr. Michelle A. Cellona

Keeping my body clean and healthy is a book for developing personal hygiene. Care for the self with the help of adults is given emphasis. This is a subtle way of teaching children to get a head start in life by orienting them to take responsibility for themselves.

Reminding them of what they have read and colored from the book is very effective in inspiring them what to do with their selves if confronted with the need to “take a bath” when they become dirty after playing or “wash their hands” before and after eating so that bad bacteria will go away.

With our AMAZINGLY GIFTED book series, children are raised in a positive educational environment. As a result, they have a much better chance of being successful and productive individuals.

It is important for you to structure your children’s life as early as possible through laying the right educational foundations for future successes. Good habits that are developed at a young age can carry children a long way.

The World of Animals by Dr. Michelle A. Cellona

The book on THE WORLD OF ANIMALS caters to the children’s love for animals. This will make them learn more about the sounds, kind, and habitat of animals. It will also serve as a guide for the children to learn about domesticated and wild animals, and be aware what to do with them to avoid harming themselves.

This book is part of the series AMAZINGLY GIFTED which is a program that is designed to build a positive and solid foundation for the early educational development of young children by providing opportunities to perform simple and basic tasks to awaken a child’s natural genius.

These educational materials engage your children for a longer time, as they feed their brain which is hungry for neutral stimulation. More importantly, the impact of educational materials lasts a lifetime.

These materials give them a head start in reading, math, and science. They develop their love for learning, the most important attitude to make your children grow up smart.

The World of Plants by Dr. Michelle A. Cellona

The book on THE WORLD OF PLANTS will certainly allow the children to be environmentally friendly. Identifying the different kinds of plants, learning how they grow, and knowing how they help make people’s lives wonderful will surely give the children early insights of how relevant plants are in our lives.

As part of the AMAZINGLY GIFTED SERIES, this program is also an opportunity for you to spend quality time and reconnect with that intimate bond and trust with your children while discovering hidden talents worthy of further developments.

If you are personally involved with your children’s education, you are building the foundation for a better-educated child while providing at the same time an excellent way to motivate and gain a stronger connection in your relationships with your children.

Such involvement delivers enormous educational benefits to the children.

CARE for Parents by Dr. Michelle A. Cellona

Consistent Appreciation and Recognition for Empowerment – A Parenting Guide for Raising Amazingly Gifted Children

CARE as a Tool for Parenting

CARE Framework is a parenting approach that is adult-facilitated through the use of pictures/images. The Amazingly Gifted Resources (AGR) is used as a primary tool for parents/guardians to establish a connection with the children. CARE highlights the fundamental ingredients of an effective parenting approach as it:

-gives an opportunity for parents and their children to be physically and emotionally connected;

-opens the door to identify the children’s thoughts and feelings. Pictures will facilitate in the attainment of this purpose;

-creates opportunities to process children’s experiences; and

-provides a venue to equip children with the necessary tools to listen and express their ideas as they interact with other people.

CARE for Teachers by Dr. Michelle A. Cellona

Cooperative And and Realistic Engagement – A Guide to a Meaningful Learning Experience

CARE as a Tool for Teaching

CARE an approach that is facilitated by the teacher through the use of pictures/images. The Amazingly Gifted Resources (AGR) are used as its primary tool in bridging the answers of students to the actual lesson of the day. CARE highlights the fundamental ingredients of an excellent method as it:

-encourages critical thinking and synthesis;

-creates opportunities for reflection;

-recognizes different learning styles; and

-promotes real-world application of learning.

CARE is done by emphasizing the development of receptive and expressive skills of students which, if mastered, would create a better concept of the self, other people, and the environment we live in.

Using CARE as a teaching approach is “generic”. This means that it can be applied in most of the subjects in pre-elementary, elementary, junior and senior high school, and college using pictures as the main instrument.

Personal Development by Dr. Michelle A. Cellona

This textbook in Personal Development is designed to provide the senior high scchool students a learning material which is interesting and easy to comprehend. I believe that an effective learning material must be student-oriented, easy to understand, engaging, and exciting.

In the book, fourteen chapters are presented to help students get to know themselves, develop aspects of the self, build & maintain relationship towards other people, and career development.  Before each chapter, there are getting started activities which would set the mood and check on the student’s background knowledge on the topic that follows. The presentation of each chapter is simplified. Each chapter starts with objectives to know what to expect after the discussion, followed by introduction and discussions on the basic concepts in understanding self-development. Exercises and Journal Entries are also provided to gauge objectively the student’s mastery of the key principles and concepts discussed. It is hoped that the topics included in the whole text will be useful in a number of different ways to all the students.

Understanding the Self: Second Edition (2023) by Dr. Michelle A. Cellona

This textbook, Understanding the Self, is prepared to provide you, college students, the most direct way to understand yourselves. Each part of the lesson leads to an in-depth exploration and discovery of the self. Its content is crafted so it will be comprehensible, engaging, and exciting.

Understanding the Self contains lessons that will be covered for one semester. Based on the curriculum prescribed by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), three major chapters are included in this textbook. Each chapter is composed of different topics that would facilitate the journey to understanding the self. Pre-lesson activities, self-assessment exercises, personal reflections, individual and group activities, field work, and processing questions are provided for the students to explore, discover, and appreciate who they were, who they are, and who they are capable of becoming. Journeying Within is also provided to gain in-depth understanding of the self. It is hoped that by understanding the self, understanding others will become less challenging because you are already able to understand the different factors that shape the person’s thinking, feeling, and behaving.

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