Effective Parenting, mindprocebu, mindpro psychological services seminar, parenting seminar, parenting tips, parenting guide, parents in cebuThe parenting seminar conducted by our resident psychologist, Dr. Michelle Cellona, took place last July 20, 2019. It’s a half day event and facilitated learning through lecturing the points of the seminar, role playing and simulating customary interactions between guardians and their children. With the guardians at home as its target participants, the discussion tackled about the dynamics of the Filipino family, more specifically in the power, freedom, survival, fun, love and belonging aspects at home. It also aimed to make the guardians aware of emotional intelligence as sometimes it could be neglected. Of course, knowledge alone is not enough, it needs to be put into practice that is why emotion coaching and making connection with kids has been discussed. Through coaching and establishing rapport with the young ones, we not only practice emotional intelligence but we are also developing it in them. Later in the affair, the participants were allowed to explore how to deal with the problems of their kids in a non-judgmental, solution-focused approach. They thoughtfully investigated the difference between their typical way of asking their kids and the solution-based tactic and in deed, they concluded that the latter provides for an honest, open communication between the guardian and child.

effective parenting, mindpro cebu, mindpro psychological services, parenting tips, guide to parentingGenerally, the seminar taught the participants on how to go about their young one’s emotion that’s why this topic is not only tailored-fit to parents but also to  people from different walks of life who are devoted and passionate about children’s emotional welfare. Not only mothers have been eagerly participative in shaping emotional intelligence in their kids, even fathers listened attentively and asked clarifications to the expert. Parents even brought their children who were parents as well. With that, attendees are varied in their demographics, ranging from those rearing their newborn baby to those who were grandparents already. Aunties, uncles, sisters, brothers and other guardians who are looking after kids are sure to learn practical ways on channeling a positive, indulgent way of dealing with them.  It was not just a learning opportunity for the participants as it also enable them to meet new friends. With their new acquaintance, they were able to share their experiences in guiding kids and acquire lessons from other guardians. It also provided them the avenue to have social support, especially in the aspect of their parenting.

Quality time is not measured in the number of hours we spend with our kids, but the value of our presence. As one of the takeaway’s to the participants, our resident expert emphasized the importance of undivided attention in the family and just being in the moment with them makes a difference. At the end of the session, they realized that giving advises to the youngsters and comparing themselves with the kids will not work; instead of asking about the event, it will benefit the kids if guardians help them find ways in coping. This is a solution-based strategy in dealing with them. More importantly, they also understood that just like buds that needs time to blossom, “parenting is a process. There is no ready-made perfect parents, even parents learn and go through the journey in taking good care of their families. And lastly, parents should enhance their guardian skills through getting advice from other guardians, keep an open mind to attend seminars like this one and practice what they learn to know which one works for them.

effective parenting, mindpro cebu, mindpro psychological services, parenting tips, guide to parenting
Thank you to all the participants who attended the half day event

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