3 Reasons Why It Is Important to Align Your Personal Values with Your Company’s Core Values


What makes a happy and satisfied employee?

The majority would probably answer this: A BIG SALARY!

When applying for a new job, do you base your choices on the challenging & exciting tasks at hand? Do you look at the compensation package alone? Or do you also consider the core values of the company?

Many people often make the mistake of landing a new career in the wrong company. At first, they find it as the perfect workplace to be – exciting new opportunity, great compensation, meeting awesome people, and a promising career growth!

Everything seemed to fit perfectly. However, a few months later, one problem suddenly appears – something crucial which they missed to check from the start. That is when they realize that the company’s workplace values don’t align with their own.

And it all starts going downhill from there.

Recognize Your Personal Values First

Having a clear understanding of your personal values gives you a guide on what to look for in a company that you want to work with.

Ask yourself this: What do I value the most in my life?

Think hard and be honest. The most common ones include Timeliness, Honesty and Integrity, Passion & Commitment, Taking Responsibility, Achievement, Positivity, and Excellence.

Whatever that is important for you simply shape your personal values. These values translate to your career values – how you function in the workplace. While your company sets the house rules and office policies, you set your own strategy according to your priorities and own values. It’s how you get the job done.

The Importance of Aligning Your Personal Values with Workplace Values

  1. Better Teamwork and Work Relationship

It is a fact that people who share the same values with the company tend to work together much better compared to those who have conflicting interests. While having the same values doesn’t always mean having the same personalities or attitude with other people, it helps in building great working relationships because these people carry the same goals, intentions, and passion.

Thus, they are able to relate to each other better and can communicate their ideas and opinions more openly and honestly. There will be lesser or no conflicts at all, resulting in a team of nurturing and passionate people who are eager to work hand in hand for the best.

  1. Increased Productivity and Commitment

When personal values align with the company’s core values, employees are happier and more inspired to do their job. There is an inner motivator that fuels their drive to complete the task at hand because they know that their contribution has a positive impact on the overall success of the company.

Thus, they feel more dedicated not just to show up, but most importantly, to actually perform. Many would even perform beyond what’s expected of them as a result of being inspired and motivated, which then leads to increased productivity and honest commitment.

  1. Achieve Greater Success

When a company employs people who support their mission, vision, and workplace values, both employer and employees achieve greater success because they set the same goals and focus on the same end result. When they lay down the same priorities, they know the right things to do in order to move forward in the right direction.

A combination of Better Teamwork & Work Relationship (#1) and Increased Productivity and Commitment (#2) will surely result in amazing success.

Problems Arising from Conflicting Values

On the other hand, when personal and work values are not aligned, the exact opposite happens – EMPLOYEE DISSATISFACTION and BUSINESS FAILURE.

There will be a conflict of interests resulting in unhealthy competition amongst team members; unwillingness to work due to loss of motivation; low productivity and commitment once feelings of resentment get in the way.

Here’s our advice. Wherever you want to work and whatever career you pursue, it is important that you learn to recognize your own values first. You should understand what’s important to you so that you can align with the company’s core values and identify yourself with your company, which is crucial in the long run.

When both Personal and Workplace Values are in sync, there is Stability, Productivity, Teamwork, and Dedication. As a result, overall success is achieved by everyone for everybody’s benefit.

For some, it may not come as an easy task to pinpoint your Personal Values or to align them with your company’s. Seeking help from professionals, like MindPro Psychological Services, is greatly beneficial.

MindPro Psychological Services offers learning sessions like Personal Development & Career-related workshops and seminars which will surely help you in improving your career choices and resolving any work-related issues you may have.

Once that is set, then a great compensation package, an awesome team, and a promising career growth will all become as an added bonus in making a happy and satisfied employee.

After all, a happy and satisfied employee makes a happy and successful company.

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