5 Early Signs of Serious Relationship Issues and How to Handle Them Early On

A good way to test a relationship is when a couple goes through a tough time. Having little arguments is a normal part of every relationship, and it isn’t unhealthy at all. But what if these small fights escalate into bigger problems?

Here’s a list of the 5 most common signs that tells you if your relationship is falling apart.

1. Criticism

Do you often feel like you’re overly criticized by your partner? Is he/she constantly remarking about your flaws? None of us like to be personally attacked, especially by the person who knows us better than anyone. It is very damaging to a relationship. The best way around this is to communicate effectively with your partner by letting them know how you feel about their criticism. As partners, you should work together to improve and become better for each other.

2. Turning Away

Does your partner turn away when you come to him/her to connect? It is hurtful and painful to be ignored and to feel like you don’t matter. When this happens, it’s most likely not that your partner doesn’t care anymore, but that he is actually trying to preserve the relationship by preventing an all-out blowout. A better way to handle this is to give your partner enough space and time to think things through, especially when you just got out of a fight.

3. Turning Against

It is when you go to your partner for support or comfort and gets barked at in response. Those who turn against are basically irritable and cranky with their partners. If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to watch yourself and take a deep breath before responding. Let your partner know the effects it has on you in an honest, non-critical way. Hopefully, your partner will be willing enough to take a look at this behavior before responding to you when feeling irritated.

4. Defensiveness

Some people tend to be defensive about certain things in their relationships. Those who act defensively are trying to protect themselves from feeling a certain uncomfortable way and from viewing themselves as a failure. If your partner gets defensive, assure him/her that it is okay to admit their shortcomings. Let them know that you are always there to listen, not judge.

5. Stonewalling

Does your partner refuse to communicate or to express emotions during conflicts? People stonewall to avoid uncomfortable conversations in fear of escalating it, especially if they feel overwhelmed about certain issues. People who are stonewalled by others may feel hopeless and experience a loss of control. If your partner is stonewalling you, try to understand that it’s not about you. Be more empathetic and encourage them to open up at the time they feel more comfortable doing so.

These issues cannot be fixed overnight, but if you and your partner agree to put in the effort to save your relationship, it will all be worth it in the end. On the last note, if your relationship is clearly heading towards a disastrous path, it’s never too late to seek professional help.

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