Effective Parenting: Boosting your Child’s Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to recognize emotions in themselves and others. It can be demonstrated through responding intelligently in a socially appropriate way. However, emotional recognition is a complex process that takes practice. Learning to recognize one’s feelings is a continuous process that is best started when the person is still young. Most often, parents have the tendency to focus on the academic achievement of their children while giving less emphasis on the development of emotional self-regulation. Several researches suggest that emotional intelligence is twice as strong as predictor of IQ of later success. Parents need to know that self-control is particularly important in predicting achievement in children. Children who are able to inhibit impulses and avoid distractions are able to engage in more prosocial behaviors and accomplish their goals. Children need the experience of feeling these emotions and practice tolerating them to develop self-control and emotional intelligence. The session on Parenting Tool Kit: Building Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence is designed to educate parents on how to build their children’s emotional intelligence so they become more resilient in facing life challenges. The workshop will be filled with practical and realistic life examples giving easy pictures of how to engage with children’s emotions without stressing oneself.

Workshop Content:

  • Identifying the positive and negative emotions of children.
  • Teaching the children the “FEELING Vocabulary”.
  • Helping the children cope with their negative emotions without hurting themselves and others.
  • Demonstrating practical tips in raising emotionally intelligent children Who Should attend: Parents, Grand Parents, Guardians, Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Social Workers, GAD Focal, and Community Volunteers.

Who Should attend: 

Parents, Grand Parents, Guardians and Teachers.

Regular Rate(walk in) and Discounts:

Early Bird Registration  Walk-in Registration Group (5 or more)
 ₱588  ₱688  ₱488 per person

Friendly Reminders:

  • Workshop is inclusive of handouts, Certificate of Appreciation, Snacks, & Drinks.
  • Registration is Required.
  • Early Bird Rate is applicable for payments made 7 days before the workshop date.
  • Payment can be deposited to MindPro Psychological Services


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